About Me

Hi! I'm Taylor! I created Glow Like the Moon in November of 2013 just three months after my older sister, Alex unexpectedly passed away. She passed just days before I was to enter my first year of college, and life as I knew it changed with the flip of a switch.

Since creating this blog, it has become one of the best outlets and coping mechanisms for me to deal with my grief and life without my sister. I told myself from the start that I wasn't going to let losing my sister change me for the worse. I wasn't going to let a tragedy dictate how the remainder of my life was going to go.

Glow Like the Moon shares bits of my life and memories of Alex sprinkled in here and there. Everything from a latest recipe, getting through life in the midst of grief, and my random musings. Today, I am a 22 year old college senior attending nursing school near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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