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You Have Worth

Two thousand seventeen.

Oh my. This year will always be ingrained in my mind for one primary reason. Back in 2012 when I was applying to colleges, I was applying for the class of 2017. I began college in the fall of 2013, and anticipated going to school for four years and graduating, as we are "supposed" to. I quickly found out that summer and that fall that my life was far from typical and many things surrounding me were far from the things that were "supposed to happen". After Alex passed away I re-thought a lot of stuff, transferred schools, switched my major, and hopped on the five year college plan. Slowly I found my way into a really good place and was 100% fine with this five year deal. But having 2017 set in, I can't help but think about the original plans to graduate this year and the hype of "Class of 2017" when I started college back in 2013.

Well here we are just a few days into 2017 and I really want to take advantage of this new year, fr…