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So tell me, what is it you plan to do?

Last summer I made a real conscious effort to live with adventure and really get out of my comfort zone. Growing up, Alex was always more adventurous than I was. I liked to play it safe, and I enjoyed my comfort zone. I liked schedules and organized plans. Alex liked to live life miles from her comfort zone, embracing spontaneity each day. So, in one of my efforts to really channel her, I dared to be adventurous. And I must say, I had an incredible summer. I've really made an effort to live each day in honor of Alex. Living each day with intention and a purpose. In a sense this is a follow up to this post from last July. Because one thing I think I try to drill into everyone I talk to, is that this life is so precious. 
So tell me, what is it you're going to do to make the most out of this life? I don't think I truly started living until Alex passed away. Sure, I did some exciting stuff and lived an interesting life for 18 years. But honestly, I don't think I genuinel…