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Perhaps this is the moment

Do you think the events in our lives each serve a specific purpose? That the classic quote "Everything happens for a reason" is as infamously true as everyone claims it to be. I don't know if I could live by that quote…but I certainly don't think the events in this lifetime are random at all.

When we think back on moments in life, it's so easy to think that everything just happens spontaneously. That things occur and events take place out of nowhere. Maybe I thought like that when I was younger. But after losing Alex, I don't think I could ever think like that again.

After losing my sister, it took a long time for me to look at my life and see that everything was going to be ok. I convinced myself of it immediately, but I didn't truly believe it for over a year. Maybe it wasn't the best coping mechanism, but the process of coming to terms with what had happened and the events of both mine and my sister's life prior to her death helped me. It took …