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All in perspective

It has been absolutely forever since I have updated this little blog. It has been a long semester. A tough road with many bumps, and I am still in shock that it's over. It has been the longest and most overwhelming few months of my life, but it has also been some of the best months.

Have you ever had that feeling? A feeling where you've worked so hard at something, spent hours upon hours working toward something, and then when it was finished, it didn't even feel finished. I had been looking forward to being done for so long and now that I am, it doesn't even feel real.

It's a wonderful feeling knowing that I don't have any tests or exams on the horizon. No papers due or online assignments to be submitted. After a long semester, this is such a foreign concept.

But, as I reflect back on these past few months I am overwhelmed with so many thoughts and feelings. The amount of knowledge I have gained is incredible and the amount of skills I have acquired astounds m…