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Grace, Not Perfection

Can we take a moment to discuss how in the world it is already September 20th? In a sense, I feel like the semester just began a few days ago, and in another sense it seems like summer never even happened and we've been in school for months. How easy (and difficult) it is to get back into a groove. The first few days of a new semester often feel incredibly overwhelming, but somehow, here I sit nearly four weeks later (?!?!?) and I feel like I've got this whole junior year, nursing school classes, thing down. Well, maybe….

The back to school time is without a doubt a stressful time. I don't care what year of school you're in, or what the workload is like….plain and simply, it's a time of overwhelming change. My to do list is ever growing and my planner is bursting at the seams but in the midst of everything going on, my heart is full.

I came across a quote that has really resonated with me,

"I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection"

That. T…