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Before and After

Summer can be a bit of a weird concept. When we're kids, summer is full of so much possibility. Three months of free time, three months of little obligation. But, as we get older, summer becomes more of a go-go-go concept, rather than a relaxing, re-energizing one.

I'm not living at home this summer, and it's definitely been a decision I am 100% happy with having made. I love being with my friends and I love having some independence, but honestly, I love not constantly being reminded of what took place two summers ago.

In August it'll have been two years since Alex passed away. Two years. Is that not crazy? In a way, I feel like it was just yesterday that I was hanging out with my sister and swapping stories and secrets. But in another sense, it feels like a lifetime ago. Like that time period of Alex and I took place in another world.

Every time I go home I'm constantly reminded of that. I'm reminded of that devastating hot, late August day when life came cras…