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A Surprise Gift

"A room without books is like a body without a soul"  …I think Alex lived by that motto.
It was rare to find my sister without a book. Books filled shelves in her bedroom, and the floor of her closet. Books were tucked into every nook and cranny of her tiny, studio apartment. Books filled the back seat of her car, and it was unheard of to find her purse without at least one book floating around in it. She finished books in a heartbeat. She could transport herself into another world and indulge herself so much into a particular book that it became a part of her. 
Alex didn't believe in the Nook or the Kindle. To her, books needed to be tangible. She needed to be able to hold that book in her hands, thumb through the pages, underline the perfect lines, and store it on her book shelves. Renting a book from the library was rare because Alex liked to own her books. She liked to lend the books out and let them decorate her room. She told me that her dream house would have a ro…

Some Sophomore Year Thoughts

Hello everyone! Life has been all sorts of places lately and I am so happy to be back home, sitting on my patio, typing up a post :-)
The past few weeks have been all over the place from wrapping up the semester, a crazy finals week, moving out of my dorm, moving into my first apartment (eek!) and I have barely had time to sit a breathe. And I also just realized that I have less than a week left of being a teenager and I am just in disbelief at how quickly time is going. Seriously, wasn't I just graduating high school??

As with all major life events (ok, minor ones too…) I thought a reflection post was in order. Partly because I can't let anything go by without reflecting on it and also because this past year was incredibly influential and just in general, good.

I've mentioned before that because I transferred schools and switched my major, I'm on a five year plan with college. I just finished my sophomore year, but technically it was my freshman year in terms of pre-…

Mama Hugs

Almost 20 years ago, the Lord blessed me with the most supportive, encouraging, and loving mother. My mom has a heart that is so big and so full of joy. This mama will let me cry to her over the phone about the most unimportant things. She drives to visit me at school nearly once a week, and she sends me little cards more days than not. And on Mother's Day, a day where we should all be gifting her chocolates and sweet notes, she shows up with a big gift bag of chocolates for me. Selfless, I tell you!
The love this woman has for those around her is unending and unconditional. Whether it be her students at work, the stranger at the coffee shop, or a friend of mine, she opens them in with kind words and a heartfelt smile. My mom is truly one of a kind. It's days like today, however, that are the hardest for my mom. The little girl that made my mom celebrate Mother's Day for the first time, doesn't get to spend the day with us anymore. Alex celebrates Mother's Day fro…