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30 Day Devo

I always wished I was one of those people that could so easily wake up every morning, grab my bible, and have some God time. I've tried, I really have, but nothing ever stuck. My mom gifted me Jesus Calling two Christmases ago and I thought it was a really awesome way to grow in my relationship with Christ. I love it, I really do, but I usually fell into reading it for three days and then not picking it up again for another month or two. 
A couple weeks ago I started listening to Jeff and Alyssa Bethke's podcasts while running (super great to pass the time working out if you're looking for something like that!) and they talk so much about their faith and incorporating God time into your life. They're busy people, just like you and I, but they make it work. Alyssa mentioned doing a 30 day devotional and that really made me think. I could do that, right? I could carve that time into my day, surely I can. So I dedicated myself to just that. I was going to try and stick t…


Lately I've been thinking a lot about this current season of life. It is, for a lack of a better term, a somewhat stagnant season. I've got some exciting things going on, but I'm also in the middle of college with nothing too pertinent on the horizon. I'm not really tied down to anything. But all of this stagnation has lead to a lot of time with the Lord.
I never used to be someone to talk about seasons of life. To be quite honest, I never knew much of what that meant. There was high school and there was college. For some people maybe one season they were in a relationship or out of a relationship. For others seasons may be classified as a time in which God is really transforming them and others not too much appears to be going on. But over the past year and a half I've learned a lot about these seasons of life.
The other night I was talking to my roommate, Ashley about all of this and somehow got onto the topic of my sister. Now Ashley never got to meet Alex. She…

It's Personal

I was chatting with my cousin the other night and after I hung up with her I couldn't stop thinking about our conversation. My cousin Martha goes to school out on the west coast making us pretty far away from each other. We generally only see each other two or three times a year and because of that, lengthy text messages and frequent phone calls are the norm. One of my favorite parts about blogging is that I can find inspiration for a post anywhere. Seriously. I find inspiration in homework assignments, in church sermons, music, books, conversations with friends and family, or even conversations I over hear at coffee shops and the grocery store. Everything is fair game, and I love it.
So, when I was talking to Martha we started digging deep into that whole idea of our relationship with Jesus. What is it supposed to be, what does society say it should be, and what it really is. This topic is so crazy because it is so incredibly diverse. Not only does it vary considerably for diffe…

We don't have to do it alone

The guys from Tenth Avenue North knew what they were talking about when they said we're not meant to live this life alone in No Man is an Island. We all accumulate stuff throughout this life, but I've recently grown a greater appreciation for the people we surround ourselves with. Throughout my life I've always known people are important. People far surpass that promotion at work or the gift you just got for you birthday. People are important. And some of these people...well, they're just special.
Sometimes I look around at my college friends and wonder what life will be like for us after we graduate. Chances are we aren't all going to stay in town working at the same place. That thought can be pretty depressing. But the thing about growing up is that this has happened before and will happen so many times again and it's ok. I look back at friends from high school, friends scattered across the country, cousins in far away cities, and think, well that was easier…