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Gray Sneakers

Alex and I were complete opposites growing up. We were as different as night and day or lion and lamb. She was the kind of person that could walk into an exam, having studied no more than 15 minutes, and ace the thing. I, on the other hand, am the kind of person that needs to study for hours, even days to feel prepared. She loved english, and I love science. She could rock tattoos, piercings, and fun hair colors where as probably visit the hair salon twice a year. We shopped at different clothing stores and favored different movie genres. But despite all of these differences, we clicked. 
After Alex passed away I got a lot of her stuff. In the realm of clothing, I took some sweatshirts and t-shirts, but a lot of her clothes were frankly, not my style. Her feet were bigger than mine and she was taller than me, so most of the clothes didn't fit me properly either. But, I took a few over-sized sweatshirts and love wearing them to study and cozy up in. Her beloved combat boots, ripped…

Another running post….

Ok, I have another running post.

But I promise, this isn't turning into a fitness blog I've just been really inspired while running as of late.

I spent the past month and a half or so listening to a workout playlist I compiled of songs from my iTunes library. To be honest, I haven't purchased songs on iTunes since at least last summer, so a lot of the songs were throwbacks. They were super great to run to and I loved hearing songs I would jam to in high school, but that playlist got old pretty fast. I was starting to get really bored of the songs and my workouts weren't as lively because the music wasn't really pushing me.

Enter: Spotify.

I've vaguely heard of Spotify before, but never knew much about it other than the fact that it was a music app. So the other day I turned to the app store and downloaded it. Instantly confused I ran to my roommate to get some information on this new music app I had discovered. Side note, I know it's 2015 and I just discove…