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Run With Perseverance

I have never considered myself to be a runner. In high school I was always in the back of the pack when we would run the mile in gym class and I would be embarrassed by my score when we ran the pacer test each semester. I hated running and never thought it was something I would do simply for fun. Before Alex passed away she started to really get into healthy eating and working out. She became a vegetarian and was really into organic foods and an all around healthy lifestyle. I remember the day before she passed away we were at Famous Footwear together and she got a brand new pair of tennis shoes for running. That memory of the two of us sitting in Famous Footwear as she tried on various tennis shoes is one of my last memories of her, and it's always stuck with me.
Over this past winter break I decided that this semester I was going to start working out. Nothing crazy, of course, but just a little something to get me moving. I have no desire to lose any weight or to get that perfe…

A Tribute

Have you ever met someone who changed your life? Truly changed it. Someone who made an impact on the way you view the world. This person could be younger or older, living or dead, male or female. 
Think about it.
Is there someone that has shaped who you are today? A someone who has influenced your personality, your everyday movements, or the way you carry yourself.
So, who did you think of? Was it one person in particular, or a handful of influential people?
Here's your task…go tell them. Seriously. Shout it from the rooftops! Send a text, write a letter, make a phone call. Heck! Just show up at their door step. But don't waste another day not telling that someone how much they've impacted your life. Because there may come a day when you realize just how important they truly were in your life, and that day may be too late. Growing up I always knew my family was influential. My dad played a big role in me picking up the game of golf and being an organization fanatic. My mo…

Chocolate Hearts

I have always been a sucker for the holidays. And all of the so-called "little" holidays often times become my favorites. I love Christmas just as much as the next person, but there's something special about Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and the 4th of July that I find myself loving year after year.
I have always loved scrapbooking and card making and kind of owe it to the craft stores for my love of holidays. I made cards for every occasion and embraced all holidays with the same excitement. I would decorate, have corresponding chocolates, and wear that designated color(s) on the day. Holidays just signify so much happy, even in a time when we might not be so happy.
Last February was kind of rough. My sister's birthday is the 18th and the entire duration of this short month was kind of the dreading of that day. It came and went with it's tears and weird feelings, but at least it went, not to return for another 12 months. So this year, I wanted to …