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It's that time of year again, the time where everyone is writing and reciting their new year's resolutions. Men and women alike are planning to eat healthier, work out more, and watch less Netflix (ha). People of all ages choose to drop the cookies and opt for the carrots. They choose books over movies and a jog over a nap. It's the time of year to make plans and changes for the new year ahead. But, you know, I've never really been into resolutions.
I love the idea of a resolution, and I think that January is a great time to put those resolutions into action. But, you know what? So is March, October, and April! And I'm much fonder of the term goal, rather than resolution. On a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly (calendar and school) basis I set goals for myself. After my last dentist appointment I made a goal to floss more. This winter break I've made a goal to read more. After my sister passed away, I made a goal to live more and be with people more. Goals are a …


I think that reflecting may be one of my favorite things to do. I reflect on my performance after a test, an interview, even a simple day at work. I reflect after a semester, a full school year, or after a gathering with friends. And I think that the end of December is a popular time to reflect among people far and wide.

I don't like to say things like 2011 was terrible or I'm so glad 2013 is over because seriously we cannot have a set 365 days of pure sadness. Yes, some years are harder and more disappointing than others, but I don't think we should resort to saying an entire year is bad, just like we can't say an entire week, or even day is bad. There is good in every day, just as their is good in every year.
So, going off of that, I'll be the first to say that 2013 was not full of sunshine. Yes, it was amazing in so many aspects! But it had some significant downs, especially toward the end of the year. 2013 signified graduation from high school, making a huge de…

Make A Wish

Can I start off by saying how crazy it is that another semester is done and over with? Because I'm on a five year plan with school, it was weird ending my freshman year, realizing that I was technically in for another freshman year. So, having another semester of freshman year under my belt feels better than I would've imagined! I've been home for almost two weeks now and have been loving catching up with friends and family and simply enjoying having nothing to do.

So, last week my mom told me about a little event she was attending. It was a Make-a-Wish event and she asked if I wanted to join her…it was a bit of a drive away and she didn't know many other people going to the event so I happily accompanied her! It was a great way to hang out with my mom and to have something to do with my new found free time!

I had heard of the Make-a-Wish foundation before and heard many incredible, inspiring stories via the news, word of mouth, and social media. I, however, never real…

The Reason for the Season

It has been ingrained in my brain for the past 19 years the true meaning of Christmas. Every December we put up our manger in the family room. We hang up our advent calendar which on December 24th, depicts the scene from the manger. The December church services remind us of the true meaning of Christmas, and various Christmas movies remind us as well. But even though we have so many constant reminders, do we completely understand the true meaning?

This holiday season I was so fortunate to be able to go to the K-Love Christmas concert with my parents. I know to some people, doing things with their parents is the last thing on their list of fun things to do. But for me, I cherish those moments so, so much. During the semester, I struggle to simply find time to call my parents. Homework, work, clubs, classes, and hanging out with friends just get in the way. Over breaks, volunteering, shadowing, work, and catching up with old friends take up so much of my time that seeing my parents is a…

Live a Little More

For nearly 18 years of my life, I never thought much about death. When I was barely a year old my grandmother passed away. I heard about her my whole life, but I never knew her. I didn't realize how lucky I was that her death, when I was only 10 months old, was the only death I had ever experienced for 18 years.

I grew up thinking such stereotypical thoughts in regards to death. That death primarily hit the elderly population. I figured death came in the form of cancer, organ failure, or a disease one developed at a much older age.

When Alex passed away, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Throughout my life I had heard of both family and friends attending funerals of various loved ones. Friends, neighbors, family members, co-workers all passing away far too soon. It was sad, but never really touched me…because it wasn't me. But when it was me, oh, it meant a whole lot more.

I learned that death can come any day, at any moment, with absolutely no warning whatsoever. It's incre…

What will they miss?

I was first introduced to Don Miller when I read Love Does. Don wrote the foreword to Love Does and was mentioned in several chapters. Bob and Don seem like such a dynamic duo of amazing friends and amazing people. But hey, it's no surprise that I love Love Does, I've talked about it enough on here ;-) After reading Love Does I went on to read several of Don Miller's books. All excellent, of course. I first read Blue Like Jazz and really enjoyed it. It wasn't until after reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, however, that I truly realized the magnificence in not only the writing, but in the life of Donald Miller.
If you want the quick, to-the-point description of Don's works, it's that he's all about getting the most out of life. He doesn't write some self-help books and he isn't some guy that's lived an amazing life from birth with no substance to build off of. Instead, Don comes across as so raw and honest with his writing as he dives …