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Embrace the Here and Now

I am an acclaimed inspirational quote junkie. Can't get enough of them. I could spend hours scrolling through quote boards on Pinterest, paging through inspirational calendars at Barnes and Noble, and reading through dozens of cards at the local Hallmark store. Inspirational quotes, while cheesy to some, are like gold to me.

The other day I was sitting in Starbucks on what was probably the last nice day Wisconsin will see until  April, gazing out the window at the falling leaves, while sipping coffee with a sweet friend. That may very well be my favorite thing to do, ever. Sipping lattes with a good friend swapping stories about everything God has been doing in our lives. No story too big and no story too small. All were shared.

A bit into our conversation, my friend asked me what I initially thought was a simple question. She looked at me and said, "So Taylor, what do you think is the biggest thing God has been teaching you this semester?" I immediately answered patienc…

A Diamond in the Rough

When you lose a loved one, you lose the obvious. You lose the physical person, their personality, and their emotions. We lose the lunch dates, movie nights, baking parties, and jamming out to our favorite songs together in the car. You lose the vision of their beautiful smile, the way they walk, and the way they came alive when wearing their favorite outfit. You lose the excitement they get when they got a good test grade, got accepted into their dream school, and conquered a huge goal.  The moral of the story, is that you lose a lot. More than you can ever imagine.

But, the thing here is, that while we lose so, so much, we also gain a lot.

Immediately following Alex's funeral, we had to begin the ever so daunting cleaning out of everything. Her car, her bedroom, her bathroom drawers, and everything else that was scattered about the house.

The day after the funeral, I began my freshman year of college five hours from home. With that being said, I had the pleasure of avoiding all t…


Every time I go Facebook I am bound to come across at least one article of a variety of natures. Perhaps it was when I stumbled upon the article,"15 things you learn your freshman year in college" or "10 places everyone must see in their lifetime." A few days ago I remember seeing that seven mutual friends liked, "22 things every 90's kid will remember" The list honestly goes on and on. But, if you have a Facebook, I can guarantee you already know that, and you have been nodding your head while reading the last few lines.

A little over a week ago I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and, you guessed it, I stumbled upon an article. Now this wasn't a "typical" Facebook article. This wasn't about relationships, healthy foods, or the most quotable movies. This wasn't about the best spots for a destination wedding, or the best shoes to wear this season. No, this article was about heroin.
You see, heroin and drugs in general, are…

Make your mess, your message

This past summer I read a handful of new, inspirational books. I always tend to gravitate toward the inspirational books when browsing in Barnes and Noble, because they leave me so full of joy and, you guessed it, loads of inspiration.

One of my favorites from this past summer was Everybody's Got Something by Robin Roberts. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an inspirational read. It'll make you laugh, cry, and leave you feeling encouraged, inspired, and like you can take on anything the world throws at you. Robin is truly an inspiration!

One of my favorite quotes from the book was

"Make your mess your message"
I remember the first time I came across that line in the book I had to do a double take. Robin spent a good chunk of her book not talking about how she was dwelling in the sadness that life threw at her and the negative energy that comes with cancer and illness. Instead, Robin spent the book talking about how she was turning her mess, into her m…