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Who are you?

How many times have we been asked this question in our lifetime? Really think about it. What about how many times a year? Or simply how many times a week?

Whenever we meet someone new, we generally ask him or her a question that resembles the idea of who they are. When walking through the halls, the grocery store, or driving down the street, we are constantly thinking, "Who is that?", "Who is she?", "Who is that person?", and so on and so forth. It is such a simple question and the answers we constantly come up with to respond to such a question tend to be quite simplistic as well.

We answer, "I'm so-and-so", "I'm his roommate" or "I'm a computer science major" or something along the lines of that. We define ourselves by such minuscule things that in no way, shape, or form can even begin to define who we are.

So that brings me back to the beginning of this post, who are you? Truly and uniquely who are you?


There is always time

Do you ever find yourself constantly saying you don't have time to do something?

You don't have time to vacuum the family room, you don't have time to finish your physics lab report, you don't have time to make plans with your friend haven't seen in months to catch up, you don't have time to call your mom and talk to her, rather than just text her.

The list goes on and on and I can truthfully tell you that just about every day I say I don't have time to do something.

Basically every post I put up on Glow Like the Moon relates back to my sister one way or another. Some posts relate to her death, others her life. Many of those posts are rooted in something I learned from Alex. And generally I learned that something after she passed away.

Today I'm sharing a big thing that she taught me months after she left. And that something is that there is always time.

I can remember back to the summer of 2013 and all of the fun I had with my sister. She was super bus…

It was only just a dream

One week ago marked the one year anniversary of Alex's death. 
I think it's funny how people refer to it as an anniversary. When we hear the term anniversary we think of wedding anniversaries, dating anniversaries, or any sort of positive and exciting life milestone. But, when I think of my sister's death, I don't really think of it as a positive or exciting life milestone.
In the weeks following Alex's death last fall, a lot of people would ask me if I dreamed about her. I've heard of people that dream a lot about their loved one who has since passed, and I have also heard of people that haven't had a single dream.
I think that dreams are pretty funny in the sense that you have no say in how they occur. No matter how much I think about my sister as I'm falling asleep, or how hard I am trying or hoping to have a dream about her, it probably won't happen. 
Last fall, after I moved into my college dorm, and equally, a few weeks after Alex passed away,…