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Can you define "normal"?

How would you go about defining the word "normal"?

The dictionary defines it as "usual, conforming to the standard type, regular, natural, not abnormal"

But really, how do we define normal? What or who is normal? What actions, or events would be considered normal?

Before my sister passed away, I considered myself a very normal 18 year old. I was a very typical recent high school grad preparing for my freshman year of college. I had a happy, classic, American family with two working parents and an older sister. We went on family vacations, and dined at local restaurants for Friday night fish fries. One year ago, I would've defined myself as normal in a heart beat. But what about now?

Last week while I was out in Colorado on a mission trip an interesting realization set over me. After talking to a few people about my sister and all that has happened in my life this past year, I realized something I had never really thought of before. I realized that my life is no…

Forget about the Awkward

Ahh yes, the infamous chatter about awkward situations. I feel like it has become a hobby over the past few years for people to talk about how awkward anything and everything can be. We have progressed far beyond the days where, when we found ourselves in awkward situations we immediately forgot about it. We instantly repressed the memories of that awkward encounter and moved on without ever mentioning it again. We would blush and perhaps develop a few tears if the picture/video/or simple story were ever to resurface.

But seriously, today, at age 19, awkward situations are things to be embraced. And I think you should learn to embrace them too.

So, as we all know, my sister passed away about 10 months ago. Crazy how it's already been 10 months, but also crazy that is has only been 10 months. Immediately following her death the awkward encounters and situations began to flow in like a hurricane. I went off to college and what do you think some of the prime "get to know you&quo…

Red, White, and Blue!

I hope that everyone had an absolutely wonderful Fourth of July!
For the past 19 years my family and all of our extended family on my mom's side have retreated to my grandparent's cabin in Northern Wisconsin for the Fourth of July! Growing up, we would all spend a week at the cabin doing various activities. Fishing, tubing, plenty of boat rides, paddle boating, bike rides, ice cream shop visits, kayaking, parade viewing, and the list goes on and on! Over the past five years, things started to change a bit. The older cousins began to get busy with summer activities and summer jobs, and college and summer classes began to get in the way of the Fourth of July festivities. During high school, I was in the marching band, so every Fourth of July I was to march in multiple parades back in my hometown, which certainly made it tricky to get up north. 
This year, thinks were definitely different for a number of reasons. My cousins who are the closest to my age group took a family vacati…