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Why the cause?

After someone dies, the immediate reaction of friends, family, and peers is the simple phrase of "How?"  Those who battled cancer are considered fighters and those who died in sudden accidents are considered tragic and ones that could have easily been prevented. Society praises such deaths, putting forth positive media coverage and beautiful stories on the evening news.

For my family, it didn't work out that way.

My sister didn't die of cancer or another terminal disease. She didn't suffer through chemo or radiation or stay in a hospital for months awaiting a potential death. She was not killed in a car accident or some other sudden injury. She died from a drug overdose.

You see, I've never mentioned her cause of death on here before. People tend to be judgmental, and people tend to jump to conclusions. Then, I feel the sudden need to defend her life and stand up for her. Even though she no longer walks these streets and instead resides in the home of our Hea…

Krazy Keithinator

Ah! We've been out of town all weekend celebrating my cousin's graduation (more on that later!) so Father's Day has really snuck up on us. But I am so happy to get to spend Father's Day with my dad!

My dad is pretty awesome. My dad introduced me to the game of golf when I was four years old. I remember going to the range with him, trying to act really grown up with my kid-sized clubs. As I grew older, golf continued to be a bond between my dad and I. When I joined my high school golf team, my dad came to almost all of my meets, and I don't think he missed a single one my senior year.

Over the 11 years that I danced at a studio, my dad didn't miss a single recital. My dad didn't miss a single parent teacher conference, or a single choir concert. He attended band competition, after band competition, even when they were out of state. And when I went to college, my dad continued to visit me, even if it was just for a quick run to Starbucks.

The summer before my…

Read Between the Lines

The rain has been falling since the moment I woke up this morning at 6:30 am.
It fell as I drove to class, and we were all bummed to see the clouds still covering the sky and rain pouring down during our lunch break. Walking out to my car after class was a dart to avoid getting soaked. Thank goodness I brought my umbrella and wore my waterproof North Face today!

I came home from class and started to do some homework. After a while, however, I needed to do something. I had been sitting all day, and despite the gross weather, I needed to get out.

I had received a Barnes and Noble gift card for my birthday (P.S. Probably the best gift ever) and had been waiting for a free afternoon to roam the bookstore. Rainy Wednesday afternoon with no plans= time for a trip to B&N!

I pulled on my rain boots and threw on my rain jacket and eagerly went out to my car. The roads were terrible- foggy, busy, and rainy- but it was so worth it. I think I spent a good hour and a half just roaming the stor…

That's Life!

We've all experiences a day of craziness in our life. A moment of chaos, an hour of strange events, or a week of one piece of disappointing news after another. It happens to all of us, even if we don't care to admit it.

Sometimes, nearly the opposite happens. We experience an excellent week! Everything goes as planned. We spend lots of time with the ones we love, and we are just the right amount of busy.

Then, we have the combination of the two. When a terrible week ends on a great note! And when an excellent week ends on a not-so-excellent note.

That's kind of how my week went.

It was the second week of my summer course, and the first week of our skills testing. Summer courses are kind of crazy in that they are made up of a ton of information (meant for an entire semester) and it is all packed into just a few short weeks made up of very long days. We have at least one test each week, reading every night, and skills testing every Tuesday and Thursday. Talk about stress!


Bloom Where You are Planted

I am a lover of quotes. That is no joke. Give me a quote, and I will probably refer back to it almost daily. My quotes board on Pinterest is filled to the brim. And the amount of quotes I have around my bedroom at home, and dorm at school is mildly excessive.

I see no problem with this, though!

I absolutely love quotes. While I could write a novel of all of my favorite quotes, I do have my all time favorites. The ones with deep meanings, the ones that resonate with certain aspects of my life, and the ones that relate so perfectly to experiences I have endured.

One of my favorite quotes was originally spoken by the infamous children's author, Mary Engelbreit, "Bloom where you are planted". To a young child, this quote probably reminds him/her of flowers in their yard and their mother's garden. This quote is short and sweet. But to an adult, this quote takes on a much deeper meaning. The roots of the quote, go deeper than imaginable.

It's no secret that I love the…

Discover Your Passion

I discovered my passion when I was in the fifth grade, unknowingly.

It took me a good eight years to realize that was my passion.

I should rewind a little bit and tell you about this, right?

So, I was just 10 years old at the time, living a carefree life with little obligations, enjoying the fifth grade. At my elementary school, the fifth grade class put on a wax museum every year. Each fifth grader would choose a famous person, dead or alive, from a giant list of notable figures. We would then each head out to Office Depot with our parents to purchase a nice, big poster board and some fun colored Sharpie markers. Over the course of a few weeks, we would research that famous figure in class and concoct a presentation board and speech to present at the wax museum. It was quite the ordeal, I must say.

When the time came for the wax museum, we came to school dressed up as our figure. We then claimed our spot in the gym and rehearsed our little speech until the crowds began to come in. Pa…