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A New Kind of Birthday

Every year, each and every one of us is given a special day. The day we were born, the day we entered this world. Each year on that date we celebrate one year older. We eat cake, open presents, gather with the ones we love, and blow out a sea of candles. It is a special tradition that we all take part in once a year.
I love birthdays and celebrations, and my family has some really great traditions regarding birthdays. This year, however, I have developed a new perspective on birthdays.

When my sister died, my entire perspective changed. The idea of birthdays definitely changed. On my sister's birthday back in February I developed this new outlook on celebrations and birthdays, and just a few days ago, on my 19th birthday, I was finally able to put my new birthday outlook into action!

Just the other day, I blogged about 19 goals I have for my year as a 19 year old. You can read about that here! So, those 19 goals are going to have a major impact on my new birthday outlook. But my …

19 at 19

My 19th birthday is tomorrow, and if you haven't learned anything about me yet, then it's time you realize that I absolutely love holidays and celebrations! Literally mid October through Christmas is party time in my head- the Christmas music begins on my iPod in October, I buy the cute candy corn for Halloween (even though I don't really like it...) I start Christmas shopping over fall break, and I am crazy about buying the red/green M&M's and dove chocolates. I thought my roommate may have thought I was a bit crazy with my holiday obsessions when I pulled out a bunch of St. Patrick's day decorations. And I'm not even Irish! Window clings, shamrock bowls, and green candies filled our room- and thankfully she embraced it all! Birthdays are absolutely no exception for my obsessive nature regarding celebrations.

I have been an avid card maker for years now. All of my friends know to expect a homemade card from me every year when their birthday rolls around. W…

Stop Comparing

I cannot even begin to wrap my mind around the fact that my freshman year of college has already come and gone. I can easily think back to last summer, thinking college was such a distant reality. I remember conversing with friends over coffee about our excitements and anxieties, unsure of what was to come, and unsure of what the future held. Oh, what nine months can do to you!

It's crazy to think about the past nine months. As the days came and went, I felt like the exact same person. But looking back, I feel as though I have became a brand new person over these past nine months. And for good reason.

Experiencing the tragic loss of my sister definitely changed me. My outlook on life has changed, and my day to day routine has changed. My attitude is more positive and my perspective is brighter. I would never wish such a tragic death on anyone. However, I must say that experiencing that tragic death made me change a lot of my bad and negative habits. It made me appreciate life a lot

What's the point of philosophy?

We all have a list of general education classes we have to take to graduate college. Here at my university, we call it "The Core". The core curriculum basically spans your general classes of literature to writing, and college algebra to a foreign language requirement. Being that it is a Christian school as well, core classes in the religion and philosophy categories are of abundance.

To some of my friends and peers at other universities, the fact that I am required to take religion classes is a bit absurd. Well, I suppose it isn't that absurd considering I am at a Christian university, but to your average college student at a public university, being required to take a class on the bible is unheard of. All students are required to take two very basic religion course: The Bible and Christian Faith. Most majors also require an additional upper level religion course. For my major, nursing, I will be required to take a religion course titled Christian Ethics. One of my good …

Sweet, Sweet, Mom!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Wonderful moms reading this!
While Mother's Day is just one day out of the 365 days in a year, I think that it truly is a holiday in which should be celebrated everyday. No seriously, I'm not just saying that to gain affection from my mother! ;-) First and foremost I think everyone reading this should watch the below video, if you have not seen it already. It truly is incredible and has left me speechless and teary eyed every time I watch it...which has been nearly a dozen times...

So, I showed my mom this video over Easter weekend, the last time I was home. I didn't tell her what the concept was or anything, just that she needed to see it. Near the end, before revealing the "actual" job title, my mom turns to me and says, "It's God, isn't it" I told her to just wait. 
It's kind of funny, that my mom was the one to say that moms are like God, indirectly. I think it's true though. I think about all of the …

One Week

Just one more week to go of my freshman year of college. One more week.

While I am beyond ready for summer and all the excitement that the next three months are sure to provide, I simply cannot wrap my brain around the fact that my first year of college is (nearly) over.

I can remember back to first semester, thinking that the days were so long, the weeks dragged out, and I always had a never-ending countdown to something. Seriously, last semester was the semester of countdowns. In (major) contrast, this semester has flown by! Not only have the days gone super quick, but the weeks all seem to have blurred together and the months- couldn't even tell you what happened to them! It is so crazy.

My roommate and I often talk about that too. How this semester, compared to last, has just flown by! We are so excited to be stress free for a few months, enjoy the warm weather and sunshine, and not have to look at a syllabus! We will definitely miss each other, however, as we will miss all of…