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On an Adventure...

For the second half of my spring break, my parents and I ventured off on a little adventure! Growing up, we were such a travel- loving family. We have been so many places, and I will forever be grateful for those opportunities in which my parents have given me. 
Back in the fall, my parents told me that they wanted to go on a little trip over my spring break, and they wanted me to choose the location. (Eeeeep! I was so excited!) I wanted to visit a state I hadn't been too, and my mom was urging we go somewhere warm. After making lists of states we've been to, and states we hadn't, I thought of things to do in each state we hadn't been to. That then led to our destination...
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina!

We made all of our plans over my winter break. Renting out a beautiful condo, right on a golf course, scheduling adventures, and seeking out delicious restaurants! Both my parents and I know a handful of people who have been to HHI so we were able to get plenty of re…

Coffee & Conversation

The first half of spring break has been filled with everything that I love. Family, friends, and coffee. Oh, and some much needed catching up on sleep (...and a bit of homework). What more could I ask for?
The evening that I returned home for break, one of my best friends and I went out on a little evening excursion. First stop on this adventure was one of my favorite sushi restaurants! Sushi is one of those food items that you either love or you hate. I myself am a sushi lover and whenever I find another sushi lover, it's like finding someone unbelievably special and rare. After sushi we made a couple stops and we ended the evening with a trip to Jamba Juice! I had a lovely first evening of break eating sushi, drinking my first Jamba Juice, and catching up with an even lovelier friend!

After documenting this piece of art, Amanda and I both had a solid conversation about how sushi restaurants need to tailor their lighting to this photography obsessed generation, because the light…

100 Happy Days!

I am all smiles because I am officially on spring break!!! Lots of happiness today!

My mom took this picture of me as I was carrying all of my bags (backpack, duffel, laptop, purse!) all packed up for spring break! I was so happy, and it was super fitting that this photo became my day 1 of the 100 happy days challenge! (more on that later...)
I am so so happy to be done with midterms! What a lovely feeling knowing that it is already more than halfway through the semester- and that we only have about a month and a half to go! And this next month and a half will fly by!

One of my lovely friends, Amanda posted a link on Facebook for the 100 happy days challenge about a week ago. I clicked on the link, thinking it was an article or little blog post. The title intrigued me, but like I said, I was only expecting to read a few paragraphs about how to make yourself happy for 100 days.

I know that sounds really cheesy, but some how, it really, really wasn't. The first words on the page re…

Little Blessings

The stress and craziness of everyday life tends to get in the way of simple joys. We focus too much of our lives on when our assignments are due, what our work schedule is, and what time the season finale is of our favorite TV show. We spend so much time focusing on these material joys that we forget about the big picture. Don't get me wrong, I certainly do have my favorite TV shows (insert PLL and Grey's Anatomy) and I am guilty to have directed nearly all of my energy toward deadlines and due dates. But I also must admit that I love my time spent with people. Friends, family, you name it, people are really great!

 I've mentioned it before, and I'll mention it again...that people are what complete us. I am so beyond blessed to have met so many incredible people this semester in college. It is such a great feeling knowing that I have people all over that I can turn to. 
As we grow older we accumulate "things", and that's just a fact of life. We accumulate…

Choose to be Happy

Well it's that time of year for all of us college kids: Midterms. Admit it, you moaned after reading that first sentence. You all know what I'm talking about when I say that the stress levels are through the roof right now. From quizzes to tests to midterms to papers. You name it, there is something every single day. No joke.

So last week it really began to get busy in terms of schoolwork. So many assignments, and so little time. From cramming in going to class to attending meetings and attempting to get all of that homework done in addition to studying, just simply finding a time to eat was difficult. And unfortunately, it is not over yet!

I still have a week and a half to go before spring break, but man am I ready for that break! Many of my friends have their breaks next week, and some even have it this week. I am constantly seeing posts on social media of friends in tropical destinations, bustling cities, and most importantly not doing homework. Others are continuously post…