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Snow Much Fun

I feel as though I have been doing some rather serious posts lately. In the midst of life's craziness and curveballs, we must remember to have fun. And to be with those that we have fun with.

That's one of the greatest things about life, I would have to the people we spend it with.

A little over a month ago, toward the end of my winter break, one of my great friends and I got together to spend some time with one another before heading back to college. My friend is an excellent photographer and has one of those super fancy cameras...perfect for photo shoots! And he had been urging me to do a photo shoot forever. The last week of break we finally found time.

On the day of our planned photo shoot, it was snowing out. And it wasn't just gentle snow, it was really coming down! This made for such a fun time out in the snow, laughing, and joking! Doing what friends do best!

The snow-covered bushes and trees made for such beautiful scenery!

And the best part was that we h…

Let it be.

"And in my hour of darkness
                                           She is standing right in front of me
                                           Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
                                                     Let it be, let it be
                                                     Let it be, let it be
                                        Whisper words of wisdom, let it be"

February 18, 2014 was a very Let it be day, as my aunt put it in a text to me. I think she was 100% correct. My sister's birthday is February 18th, and this year she would have turned 22. 

Oh, all the joy that comes with birthdays. The happiness. The brightly colored wrapping paper, sugary sweets, delectable cakes and cupcakes, and smiling birthday boy/girl faces. Ah yes, birthdays. But how does one celebrate the birthday of a birthday boy or girl that no longer lives here anymore. Someone who now lives in Heaven. That was a qu…

Lots of Love

Happy Valentine's Day!
Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that you either really enjoy, or really don't. You hate it or you love it. And it totally varies from person to person. I, personally, love it. I really just love holidays in general. They are an excuse to put up decorations, eat holiday chocolates, and dress in holiday-colors. Holidays give me something to smile about, and be positive about. So, needless to say, the past week I have been eating Dove dark chocolate hearts and hanging heart-inspired decorations throughout my dorm room...fully embracing Valentine's Day!
Not only is Valentine's Day an excuse to decorate and eat (enormous) amounts of chocolate hearts, but it is a time to spend with those you love. Family, friends, etc. Today really made me realize how many people I have in my life that I love, and that love me. 
I just finished my third week of the semester at my new college. And let me tell you, it has been great! I think back to last sem…

God Sightings!

It's only a month into 2014 and I can already tell that this is going to be one pretty amazing year. I mean, I don't want to speak too soon, but January has been, for the most part, pretty unbelievable.

Back in July I read Bob Goff's book, Love Does. Ever since I finished even that first chapter, I knew that the book would be something life changing. And boy was I right. As I read on I began to get more and more inspired. Each chapter provided another personal story, another powerful message. And after reading that final page, I knew that I wanted to flip back to page one and read it all over again.

So after reading Love Does I kept joking around that I would meet Bob Goff one day. I posted Instagram photos and tweets with captions "so when do I get to meet Bob Goff?" and other similar statements. Little did I know that those posts would be a foreshadowing. As any reader of Love Does will know, Bob puts his email address and home address in the back of the book. …