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These past two weeks have been a whirlwind of crazy. I think that's a good word for it. Crazy. 

The holiday season has always been a time of year that I loved. A time of year full of bright lights, and delicious treats. A time full of loving family and friends. A time where reflecting on Jesus' birth and remembering the meaning of the season is prevalent. A time of year that I used to consider my very favorite time. Now...I think a bit differently.

The days leading up to Christmas Day felt strange. No shopping for the perfect Christmas gift for my sister, no baking alongside her, no giggling at our old, silly ornaments, and no vegetarian options at Christmas Eve dinner. It's the little things that I noticed that were different. The little things that made me miss her.

While parts of Christmas felt weird, other parts actually felt great. And I feel almost guilty saying that. Admitting that I loved aspects of this holiday season, the moments that my sister didn't get to …

The Heart of Christmas

A great friend once told me, "The only thing better than baking, is baking for someone else". That quote has really resonated with me, and I decided to put it into action these past few days.

The night that I cam home from college, my dad and I went to the grocery store and completely stocked up on baking necessities. And when I say we completely stocked up, I mean that our pantry and fridge were nearly overflowing with ingredients.

I made a giant list of the different cookies I wanted to bake, and all of the people I wanted to deliver them too. After all the preparation, I was ready to bake.

For two days I think I baked non-stop. Seriously. By the end of day two, all I wanted to do was sit down because I had been on my feet baking for so long.

I made so many different kinds of tasty treats! From classic cut-out sugar cookies, to chocolate dipped pretzels...I was definitely keeping busy.

Baking was something my sister and I used to enjoy doing together. Getting covered in fl…

Random Acts

Nearly two months ago, one of my great friends and I decided that we would go Christmas shopping the first day of break. That "Christmas Shopping Day" quickly turned into something more than just Christmas shopping.
Two days before our designated Christmas shopping day, I discovered and instantly became obsessed. I informed my friend of this, and almost immediately we decided we would write love letters to deliver while doing our Christmas shopping. I went over to my friend's house on Wednesday morning and we started writing.

We had so much fun decorating the envelopes and determining what we wanted to write in the letters!

When we got to the mall we first put a love letter on the windshield of a car. We of course, had to document all of this. :-)

Once entering the mall, we embarked on Christmas shopping. While shopping, we brainstormed locations to leave the letters. In the end, we ended up leaving a few on the tops of trash cans in the food court a…

More Love Letters

Ok! I am taking a brief study break to write this post because I just couldn't resist.

More Love Letters. 
I stumbled across this organization just this morning while reading the daily blog post of another blogger I follow. I immediately went to the website and was inspired. I actually think I was more than inspired. For some reason, I feel like I am called to participate in this organization. I think we all are.

More Love Letters is an organization which empowers, lifts up, and encourages individuals with love letters. Snail mail. It's that simple. And seriously, who doesn't love snail mail!?

The founder of this organization began More Love Letters by just simply writing letters to strangers in New York City. Pretty soon, it evolved into what it is today. When going on you will be able to find love letter requests, life changing stories, and heartwarming letters.

So, as many of our winter breaks begin or have already began (for students) consider spendi…


How did I start Worth More than Gold?

This blog wasn't something I ever really predicted happening. When I first told people that I was writing a blog many asked "why?". I had answers, but I was never really able to touch on the roots of the reason. I wanted to take this chance to really formulate a response as to why I started this blog, why I named it what I did, and the background of it.

Over the past year I've stumbled across a handful of blogs on Pinterest and enjoyed reading them often. I thought it would be cool to write a blog, but didn't really have anything to write about. I wasn't a mother with a busy life juggling work, kids, and family. I wasn't a businesswoman ready to share my successes. And etc. I enjoyed reading blogs, but didn't think I would ever be one to write one.

It was in November that I started contemplating writing a blog of my own. I guess it was then that I actually had something I could write about. November was a few mont…

The Home Stretch

One more week. 

Just one more week and I am completely "school stress" free for one month and ten days. Now I like the sound of that!

While I have a lot of Christmas cheer and positivity in my life at the moment, I have indeed had some not so positive moments where I lose sight of the big picture, so to speak. I am not even sure how these moments occur. One thing I do know, is that when I find myself in those situations, it is really hard to see the good in life and see light at the end of the darkness. The freezing cold weather, lingering finals, and distance from my family definitely contribute to the negative days I have.

In the past, I would text my sister when I was having a bad day. I could always vent to her. And she would always listen. I had the sad realization just yesterday, that I cannot do that anymore. It didn't really hit me until just yesterday, as odd as that may seem. I was sad. Stressed. And I didn't even know why. I just knew that it didn't h…

What do you stand for?

What do you stand for?
Have you ever stopped to think about this question? Really, really think about it? Do you stand for something? Anything at all? Think about it.
The past few months have really tested what I stand for. Going to college will do that to you. But, losing a loved one will do that as well. It's like I have all of these forces acting on me to change my ways. To change who I am. To change what I stand for. But from the start, I knew that I would never let that happen.
Some say that when you go away to college you completely change. Perhaps that is true for some. But for me...I don't think I compare to what any of the studies suggest. After losing my sister, I learned just how precious life was. Why would I ever want to waste away my days doing something insignificant? Why would I want to spend my time with people who don't lift me higher? Why would I ever want to waste another one of these amazing days that God has given me? 
Six months ago I went about my d…

Today I am Thankful

"Be joyful always,pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus" Thessalonians 5:16-18
Good morning! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is already tomorrow!? The holiday season is officially upon us and I could not be more excited! Christmas cookies, decorating the tree, hallmark movies, family name it, I am ready for it! I also just had a crazy realization that I will be done with my first semester of college in less than three weeks- Insane! With all of this excitement and the Thanksgiving holiday in reach, the question of what I am thankful for has been lingering on my mind.
I can remember back to grade school when we would do so much in respect to various holidays. I don't think we had a Thanksgiving party necessarily, but we definitely created some turkey crafts and read picture books about pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. I am also quite certain that my teachers gave us worksheets with math pro…

Love Does

"Things that go wrong can shape us or scar us. I've had some things go well in my life and some things not go so well, just like you. More have gone well than have gone poorly, but I'm not trying to keep score because I have a different way I measure those things now. God finds us in our failures and our successes, and He says that while we used to think one way about things, now He wants us to think another way about those same things. And for me, I've realized that I used to be afraid of failing at the things that really mattered to me, but now I'm more afraid of succeeding at things that don't matter."  - Bob Goff
Love Does. Bob Goff. Where do I even begin? Before opening this book back in August, I would have never imagined the impact it would have on my life. This book changed my life. This book inspired me. This unlike any other book you will ever read. And I can sincerely promise you that.

A little background on the significance of Love D…

You Are Awesome

Happy Wednesday!
It's only Wednesday, and this has already been one wild, crazy week.  I took my last French test of the semester, turned in my final chemistry homework assignment, and began writing the final paper for my freshman seminar. The end of the semester is near, and I am beginning to realize just how fast these college years will go. While the past two days have been filled with excitement, that excitement has been accompanied by stress. And when I get stressed, I get frustrated. Sometimes when I am feeling stressed and frustrated, I tend to blame those feelings on my grief. Whether they have to do with grief, or just the general college life, they are indeed evident. So, when I start to feel down, I tend to do things that pick me up [don't we all?] Here are a few things that have been bringing me up lately! 
Who You Are: A Message To All Women To all you women out this. Truly inspiring. Watching this helps me feel so much better about myself and where I…

Can you help me find it?

This weekend was absolutely perfect. When you go away to college, you realize just how much you took for granted in the pre-college years. Simply running errands with my mom, watching weekly reality TV with my dad, and showering without flip flops are just a few of the things I never realized I would miss as much as I do. Well...maybe the showering with flip flops thing I could have predicted. But, like I said, I was able to go home Thursday night and have a three day weekend at home. And let me just say that it was exactly what I needed.
      Coming to college was extremely difficult. Having to move into school the day after my sisters funeral was something I never want to look back on. Ever. The school I am currently at directly correlates to my sister's death in my mind. And it is just too painful. It started off decent, but nothing seemed to be working out. I had unfortunate luck with this school, and while many people may love it here, I have just not been able to find …

Hello My Name Is...

I have spoken the phrase "Hello my name is Taylor" more times that I can count these past two and a half months. I think every college freshman can attest to that. You meet so many people in college...and many of the people you meet know nothing more than your first name. It's interesting to think about that. That these people only know my name. They do not know where I come from, my background, my likes, my dislikes, etc. They do not know my story. Sure, there are a handful who know what I'm planning to major in, what my hobbies are, and the name of my hometown. But when it really comes to knowing a person...well that's just not how things go in college. At least for me that is.
   The summer before I left for college I was so excited to leave! Ready to meet new people, live in a  new state, study something [I thought] I was interested in, and just get some time away from my family for a bit. I was ready to take on the world. God, however, had different plans…